And a new blog is born

Creepy or cute? Why not both?

This might scare off some readers right away...

Welcome to Psychopomp, a new blog among the many, many out there, both vibrant and stagnant. I’m going to make a little introduction, for those who might be interested now or in future.

First, the name – for those of you who have never heard the word before, and it is an obscure one. A psychopomp is a being who serves as a guide or escort for the spirits of the dead on their way to an underworld. He/she/it crosses boundaries and moves between states. Lest you think I’m being over-dramatic, the underworld has little to no connection to this blog – it’s the concept of moving between and existing on multiple levels that I liked. Also, how often do you get to use a word like psychopomp?

Those who recognise the image above will have figured out already that anime is going to be a big part of what I blog; anime blogs are some of my most-read and most-admired sites on the web currently. In lieu of a blog roll, I hope you will follow the links when I reference others and read some of their far superior material. This season will be the first time I am following current shows, namely Fractale and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I’ll also be catching up on older stuff that might bear discussing, such as K-On!

In general this is a geeky blog. As well as watching anime, I play a tabletop wargame (Anima: Tactics), dabble in role-playing, and have recently picked up Magic (very informally!). I am a long-time player of the MMORPG Guild Wars and avidly anticipate the eventual release of Guild Wars 2, which looks excellent (and is the source of the current header image). All of these are likely to get a mention on Psychopomp. In fact, odds are you won’t find this page unless you were Googling for something else.

And me? I’m Curuniel, to my online acquaintances. I’m a female New Zealander who has just graduated from university and is on the look out for her next adventure (…yeah, unemployed). I’m interested in the internet and the forms of sociality it enables, and I love to talk, debate, and meet people online. If anything on this blog interests you, please do comment. Since it’s unlikely I’ll be getting terribly famous in the immediate future, I’m bound to reply to you!

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