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An announcement I only heard about today: author George R. R. Martin has stated that his publishers are naming an actual, official date for A Dance With DragonsJuly 12, 2011.

For those who aren’t familiar with GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, it’s a fantasy series which I would highly recommend to adult readers. For readers you’d be unsure about categorising as adults, I might recommend caution. It’s not that they are vulgar, but they contain a high dose of real life: war, death, sex, and unfair twists of fate or political consequences. The series has fantastic characters which really make the story shine, though, including the most deliciously unlikeable ‘bad guys’ you’ll love to hate (and a few you’ll be amazed to find yourself liking after all).

Dance is such big news because it’s not only the next in a series, it’s the other half of the last book, which was published in 2005. At that time readers were assured of GGRM’s plans to get the next part of the book out in the next year, and they’ve been waiting ever since. Five years later, it seems like it may finally be published, but no one wants to get their hopes up too much. If the book appears in July a lot of people will be very happy, and hopefully some who got fed up with the wait will be lured back to find out what happens next after all.

Incidentally, for anyone who feels that the long delay for this book is somehow unreasonable, may I direct you to the words of the esteemed Neil Gaiman here.

This news inspired me to go looking for news about another author whose works I adore, and whose next book has been repeatedly delayed in the last few years. Scott Lynch‘s ‘Gentleman Bastard Sequence’ consists of only two books which have been published at the moment, but they are two books I have re-read multiple times since my boyfriend recommened them to me and I never get tired of them. The Lies of Locke Lamora is the first book, and the title character is a beautifully flawed but loveable one. I was pleased to find that a fan community has been tentatively begun at, and they informed me that there is a current hopeful release date of November 2011 for the third book, Republic of Thieves. Lynch has had a lot to deal with in his personal life and I can only wish him the best, but if he ends up producing a book this year I will be thrilled.

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