How Flamethrowers Will Ruin Guild Wars 2

No, don’t worry, I’m not taking it seriously – but I did have to give a shout-out for ArenaNet’s impressively elaborate April Fool’s release.

Some people have been complaining that the time and effort that went into this (complete with skill videos!) would have been better spent on the game we’ve all been waiting years for. I can understand this – but ArenaNet have a long history of major April Fool’s Day pranks, and they seem to have had a lot of fun (even giving interviews about the fictional class). I can’t deny them that; they’ve been working for a long time. Besides, the prank relies on how desperate people like me are for new reveals, and for a second there it worked like a charm!

The now-traditional fake game update can be found here. My favourite would be [highlight for Nightfall spoilers]: Avatar of Kormir: “Elite Form. Your are permanently Blinded. Any time one of your allies finishes a quest, you get credit for completing it instead. Whenever a Dervish enchantment ends on you, you steal all enchantments, shouts, and weapon spells from all party members.” My favourite from last year’s (which seems sadly inaccessible) was, amongst a large number of skill updates, “Assassin: no changes.”

I’m happy to see ArenaNet have fun with this, as they have always done when the opportunity arises. I will certainly be checking out the quest in Embark Beach later today. In the meantime…back to work now, guys. I still want my Sylvari Week… ^_^

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