Wayfarer’s Reverie (Part One)

A lovely idea for Guild Wars – a special festival to celebrate “the secrets of the world” and take a nostalgic last tour around the original world of Tyria before stepping into the future and the world of Guild Wars 2. After so many teasers and tasters of GW2 lately, I’ll admit that I spend a lot of my time playing GW1 wishing I had the newer features. Still, over the last seven years I’ve had a lot of good times in Tyria. I’ve travelled with good friends to see the sights – and sights there are! Guild Wars has all sorts of hidden gems and secret spots designed for you to stumble upon. It’s always been the beauty of ArenaNet’s spectacular environment design that many of the features you might remark upon as you explore aren’t there for a quest. They don’t do anything, they’re just part of the world.

For this festival of travel and memories, quests are encouraging us to go out at visit a number of these special sites. I thought I’d share my screenshots of the locations for the quest, and in the process give a final farewell to a game that has always been close to my heart.


The continent of Tyria will always be the original to me, and it’s the land to which we return in Guild Wars 2. Site of Prophecies, the first campaign to be released, it (like many fantasy worlds, and most MMOG worlds) spans everything from snowy mountains to tropical beaches, jungles to desert to volcanic archipelago. Most of all I think I will always treasure the beaches of Kryta, which made me stop mid-mission and stare in mouse-panning wonder at the beautifully made scene. The memory of them made me come back to Tyria once more a few years ago. Whether bleak or lush, Tyria’s landscapes were always detailed and atmospheric.

(Mouseover for descriptions!)

Watch for parts two, three and four in posts to come!

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