Wayfarer’s Reverie (Part Two)

(I’m splitting these into separate posts so that I can put them up throughout the week, and because they’re image-heavy. Tyria here.)


The Asia-themed continent of Cantha was released with the second Guild Wars campaign, Factions. Cantha is a land of beautiful and varied landscapes. Pagodas and cherry blossoms in garden settings contrast the massed wooden slums of Kaineng City. I’ll always remember the bureaucracy quests that sent you back and forth throughout that city, a fine example of story through mechanics which left you both frustrated at the Imperial Ministries and with a deep sense of being lost in the place’s labyrinthine twists and turns. Then to the south the lands of the two titular factions: the solemn Kurzicks, with their Germanic names, gothic clothing, and grand cathedrals carved from trees turned magically to stone; and the bold Luxons, named like Homeric heroes and dressed somewhat like gypsies as they traversed a sea frozen in solid jade with their giant turtles.

I’ll also remember Cantha fondly because of Tethus and Kedoa, the elementalist and assassin whose love story BlueJay and I played out in the first years of our relationship. Their stories are intimately connected with these lands, which helped to inspire us.

Elona and the North to come!

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