Wayfarer’s Reverie (Part Three)

(Tyrian and Canthan reveries can be found in previous posts.)


The third Guild Wars camapign, Nightfall, brought us Elona, Land of the Golden Sun. Its styles and cultures are a mash-up of Egyptian, African, Arabic and others, and once again the landscapes are varied and beautiful. The three main provinces are Istan (tropical, with jungle and literally sparkling beaches); Kourna (desert and savannah with gorgeous sunsets and stone fortresses); and Vabbi, the beautiful oasis centre of arts and wealth. Much of Elona’s beauty is in simple natural scenes, but the landscape is also dotted with little surprises and treasures for players to discover. I particularly remember being apprehensive about a label in an empty corner that simply said ‘Do Not Touch’. From the palaces to the pirate coves to the sulphurous wastelands on the northern border, Elona was a land with a lot of character.

Just one more land to travel, the Far North. Final post coming soon!

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