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In Defence of One-Off Events

In the wake of the Lost Shores event in Guild Wars 2, there’s been some interesting discussion of the wisdom or otherwise of one-off events in MMOs. The problem should be fairly obvious: in a game accessed by people in … Continue reading

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Playing(?) Games

Today I read an older article (compared to what one usually reads when researching internet-based phenomena) called ‘Ends, Means and Galumphing: Some Leitmotifs of Play.’ The author, Stephen Miller, focuses on how we recognize play in animals and other humans, … Continue reading

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Using Guilds in Guild Wars 2

I’ve seen a fair few people complain about how guilds are implemented in GW2 – chiefly about the fact that a player can join more than one guild at a time. Because guild membership is by account not by character, … Continue reading

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Player hypocrisy

Another example of players not wanting what they say they want: Many players of Guild Wars 2 are disappointed that the world isn’t more dynamic and changing. They were promised events which would truly change and affect the world, but … Continue reading

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Journalistic integrity and the games industry

As is so often the case, this very interesting piece was shared with me via Extra Credits. It starts with encouragement to consider and analyse this image: …and goes on to discuss the problematic relationship between games ‘journalists’ and game … Continue reading

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