Player hypocrisy

Another example of players not wanting what they say they want:

Many players of Guild Wars 2 are disappointed that the world isn’t more dynamic and changing. They were promised events which would truly change and affect the world, but they don’t, whether because players complete events too swiftly and rectify any problems, or because event chains cycle round in time, meaning players don’t actually have to do anything to get things like absent NPCs back.

At the same time, the forums are full of people wanting to jump servers (worlds) to find an uncontested Temple of Balthazar, so that they can buy unique items that they need (for legendary weapons, I believe). Instead of treating the world as dynamic and living – for example, gathering friends and guildmates or requesting allies in Lion’s Arch for a push to win the event and take back the temple – they want an instant solution that will get them their objective while ignoring the event status.

I’ll accept that the Temple of Balthazar seems to be bugged for some people, and that’s annoying. I can understand wanting to find somewhere where it isn’t bugged. But for anyone else – look at that! The world changed, but not in your favour.

What are you going to do about it?

Play the event.

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