Story Hooks in Guild Wars 2


In my last post I mentioned how I get the strong feeling that ArenaNet is planning for the long term with Guild Wars 2. There’s an awful lot there that’s not explained or used yet, and I don’t think that’s neglect, I think that’s very deliberate. Particularly if they keep up this schedule of an event-update every month, it serves them well to leave a few story hooks open to use when they’re ready.

Here are some which I would expect to be picked up again in future updates or expansions. If you have more that you’ve encountered, feel free to add them in the comments!

The steam creatures: found around the Lake of Lamentation in Lornar’s Pass and in the asura personal story if your first invention was the Infinity Ball (although we’re not certain the two are the same lore-wise), these strange mechanical imitations of Tyrian creatures are totally unexplained. They make incursions into Lornar’s Pass regularly as part of a meta-event, but we don’t know if they’re made by someone or if, as in the asura story, they are coming through a portal from some alternate Tyria. Either way, I expect we’ll learn more at a later date; they would make for a good Lost Shores style mini-campaign.

Malyck: although this is a spoiler for sylavri personal story, he’s been spoken of in lore circles and the implications of his existence are staggering. Malyck is a sylvari who comes from a different tree. The fact that he turns up in one version of early sylvari story and is never referred to again is somewhat implausible, since as a sylvari player this is a huge deal. ArenaNet had better come back to this one day! Probably when we head into the western regions of Maguuma.

Healing Orr: on a similar note to the above, usually we would have to accept that although we might defeat Zhaitan, we would never get to see the results of our efforts because other people still had to defeat him. I’m not sure if ArenaNet would go so far as to close off access to the Zhaitan fight after, say, a year or two… but it would be nice to see Orr recover somewhat from his blight.


Glorious Revolution of the Dredge: from their unfortunate beginnings as everyone’s whipping boys across two continents, the dredge have got fed up and started to band together as a cliché communist nation. I’d expect an event for this eventually! Particularly since the history of the actual Soviet Union provides plenty of material for upsets within their state… and plenty of players would like to see the Dredge given a little more depth to balance out the cliché.

The Six Gods: these human deities get a fair bit of relevance in Orr, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the lore on them expanded further. They’re in an odd position, being major (core, even) players and symbols in Tyrian history as we know it, but also being tied to only one of the GW2 races – the humans. GW1 players still consider them the gods, at heart! But ArenaNet have, in my opinion, gone to some lengths to demythologise them and get us thinking about them as powerful beings we interpreted as gods. There’s still a lot to learn about their natures and origins.

The Crystal Desert: this is most likely going to be opened for a fairly major expansion, although what form expansions will take in GW2 is unknown as of yet. There is a gate to the Crystal Desert (current residence of the Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik) in the Fields of Ruin, just outside of Ebonhawke. It’s guarded and players need special permission to pass. My personal guess (pure speculation) is that a Kralkatorrik expansion will also deal with…

Ebonhawke and the charr/human truce: in most games I would just assume this would be an eternal stalemate, with peace perpetually in negotiation so that human could legitimately be in charr lands, and vice versa. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it at least partially resolved – or moved to a new stage – in an event, though. There’s very rich material with the Separatists, Ebonhawke’s bubbling resentment, Smodur’s potential bid for Khan-Ur… we’ll see if they do anything with it.


The Ghosts of Ascalon: if the charr/human truce plot progresses, then a logical direction for it to go is to deal with the Foefire and the Ascalonian ghosts which plague the charr. There is a legend that says that if a descendent of King Doric (thus an heir to the throne of Ascalon) brought the flaming sword Sohothin to Ascalon City and reunited it with its twin, Maegdir, the Foefire could be extinguished – and there are a few candidates around…

The Dominion of Winds: the tengu are a good candidate for a future playable race. Not only do they have a history in Guild Wars, a distinctive culture, and a unique appearance – they basically have their own starter area staked out! The Dominion of Winds is a large area bordered by massive stone walls, which non-tengu are currently not allowed to pass. It’s a tantilisingly blank spot on the map which even joins onto other maps, so I expect we’ll see inside one day.

The Largos: another good candidate for a future playable race, in my opinion. They dwell in the ocean deeps, though like many things there they have moved closer in the land lately because the ocean deeps are occupied by something nastier. If we get to move in to deal with said nasty thing, I look forward to the unusual privilege of learning and seeing more or largos society. The handful of largos already in the game already drop teasers of their culture for the lore-inclined.


Is that enough to make my point? I find new ones all the time (and forget to note them down for a blog post). As great as it is when totally new elements are introduced for events like The Lost Shores, I very much look forward to having familiar parts of Tyria thrown into new focus during these event updates. It’s all the reason we’d need to visit older areas, and seeing them change, even slightly, gives the world that little bit of extra depth.

I, for one, check the progress of the statue in Lion’s Court and the new Lion’s Arch lighthouse every time there is a reasonably large patch!

[EDIT] Additional examples from after publishing –

The gargoyles: as Atena commented, I didn’t mention the gargoyles, whose disappearance after GW1 times is recorded in the timeline of Tyrian history, but given no explanation. The fact that it gets a mention on a timeline of otherwise very broad major events is suspicious and intriguing.

The Wizard’s Tower: there’s an area called Wizard’s Fief in Kessex Hills, where a town enjoys the patronage of a mysterious wizard named Isgarren who lives in an inaccessible floating castle. No one sees him, but he seems benevolent, and controls elementals which protect the town. There are a lot of hints, if you wander around Garrenhoff, that something might be a little wrong about this… but nothing has happened. Yet. As a bonus bit of trivia, the floating castle has been there since before the original Guild Wars and seems to have had numerous owners.

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4 Responses to Story Hooks in Guild Wars 2

  1. atenakemet says:

    1185 AE Gargoyles mysteriously vanish from Ascalon.
    Found a forum discussing the matter:

    • Curuniel says:

      Ah, I forgot the gargoyles! Yes, just the fact that they included that on the timeline in such a mysterious way makes me think that we will get an explanation for their disappearance in the course of some event or other.

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