The end of an unofficial hiatus

Anyone who pays some attention to this blog will have noticed that I haven’t posted anything on it for a long time. The reason for this is that I’ve been working on my master’s thesis (in cultural anthropology), and the good news is that I finished and submitted it a couple of days ago. In the end it was just over 40,000 words and titled Game Balance: designed structure and consumer agency in an online game.

I plan on posting a summary of this thesis, and a link to the full text, once it has been marked and accepted and everything in it is confirmed (also after I’ve sent similar summaries to the people who participated in the research). In the meantime, I should now have plenty of free time to get back to posting here occasionally. I’ve got a number of things saved up to write about, including my least favourite Guild Wars 2 mission and a potential side project, so watch this space.

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