GW2: The Little Things

Coming back to Lion’s Arch in the wake of recent events was suitably touching. The new background music, called Lion’s Arch Lament and containing echoes of the more familiar ‘Sea of Sorrows’ piece, adds a tragic dignity to the sight of the city, almost completely empty and largely in ruins. After seeing it a bustling city and then a fiery battleground, the emptiness is actually quite striking, as well as the large pieces of Scarlet’s drill which lie embedded where they fell when the thing exploded over the harbour.

It’s the little things, though, that I really appreciate sometimes. In Bloodtide Coast, a member of the Captain’s Council warned my sylvari elementalist that some refugees might be unkind to me, because they equated Scarlet with all sylvari. A refugee in Gendarran Fields assured me that whatever some people said, she knew we sylvari weren’t all like that. And in Lion’s Arch itself, at the site of a new graveyard created to hold the dead from the battles with Scarlet, a human woman took out her grief on me because I shared a race with a psychopath.

gw493These are the touches that make me smile, or even feel a little hurt, when I’m exploring the story ArenaNet’s staff are telling us.


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