Walls of Text

So, do you remember way back when ArenaNet people talked about how quest descriptions that are long blocks of text, which players have to sit and read before they can get to the action and will probably just skip instead, were not the way to go?

Because apparently the current Living Story team doesn’t.

I am spending way too much time clicking through scripted dialogue with NPCs which, while interesting from a lore perspective, is a passive info-dump for which I just sit, and click, and sit, and click. If I’m not doing that, I’m standing around while the NPCs talk around me. I can only imagine how people who aren’t interested in the minutiae of lore find this. What happened to action which happens around you, people who talk on the way while you’re doing things? I get that there’s a lot of information to provide for things to make sense, but must we do it through compulsory segments of clicking on interact icons to read item descriptions around a room before we can move on?

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