About Me

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, where I watch anime, play video games, write stories and role-playing material, and generally be a geek with a lot of good friends. This is my first serious attempt at blogging, so I hope you enjoy it. I started Psychopomp partly because I had comments to make and no one in particular to make them to – and partly because I wanted to get some more experience with writing, in different forms.

I’ve just finished university, where I studied social and cultural anthropology, classics, and religious studies. For those in other parts of the world, that’s classics as in ancient Greece and Rome, and religious studies as in studying lots of different religions, rather than just one’s own. My honours year was spent studying anthropology, including a project about community and social life on the internet. I love the web, and I hope Psychopomp will allow me to meet some more interesting people through it.


One Response to About Me

  1. Claire Adelheid says:

    Anima Blog please 😀
    I read the first 2 posts and the Magic one but kind of glossed over the Final Fantasy due to lack of knowledge about it. Also refrained from reading about the later PMMM eps until I get around to watching them.
    Quite cool to read about, you should let it be more well known 🙂
    Anyway keep up the good work
    (lol sorry couldn’t resist)

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