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The Alchemy of Fandom

Fandom grows up around all sorts of things. I have long argued that ‘geek’ (or whichever similar term you prefer) is a label that can be applied more widely than it isĀ – it’s just that sports geeks, or fashion geeks, … Continue reading

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‘Daring Don’t’ and Mixed Messages of Fandom

The latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about fandom – I half expected it to be a rousing chorus of “Hasbro’s writing team is not your bitch“, but it ended up a little different to that. … Continue reading

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In Defence of One-Off Events

In the wake of the Lost Shores event in Guild Wars 2, there’s been some interesting discussion of the wisdom or otherwise of one-off events in MMOs. The problem should be fairly obvious: in a game accessed by people in … Continue reading

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Katia F***ing Managan!

Prequel is an excellent story. Some adult content, but so much cuteness and amusement and subtle parody goodness that it’s absolutely worth a look – especially if you have played Oblivion, but probably even if you haven’t. I bring it … Continue reading

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